Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dexifier require KYC?

No. Dexifier will never ask for any identifying information. As a matter of fact, Dexifier doesn't even use cookies or is tracking you in ANY way. Dexifier believes in freedom of money and separating it from state.

Does Dexifier have support?

Yes. Dexifier team will help its users with any enquiries on its Discord server. And, live chat support is in the pipeline.

How do I get support?

Simply, head to our Discord and open a ticket, or ask a general question in the "#general" channel.

Does Dexifier support Native Bitcoin swaps?

Yes. Dexifier supports Native BTC swaps, as long as you connect a wallet that supports that, like XDEFI or EXODUS.

Can I swap using my phone?

Dexifier is a web application that only works on desktop web browsers. A mobile app is in the roadmap.

Does Dexifier have a token?

Not yet, but it is in the roadmap.

Will there be an airdrop to early users and contributors?

Yes, there most definitely will be.

How do I get involved / contribute to Dexifier?

At Dexifier we need developers, marketers, and content creators. It is best to reach out on Discord. But, of course one of the best and easiest ways to contribute is by using our APP.

P.S. If you can contribute in another way, please let us know.

We're a project and we'd like to collaborate. Is Dexifier open to that?

Yes, depending on the kind of collab of course. Please reach out in our Discord.

How do I stay updated on everything Dexifier?

Stay up to date by following our Twitter account, Telegram, YouTube, and Discord server.

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